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Florida Hog Hunting

Florida’s #1 Hog Hunting Outfitter

Thanks for coming to Alligator Alley outfitters, where we are the number one destination in the Deep South for Florida hog hunting, deep sea fishing, and Florida alligator hunting. If you’re heading south this winter why not add some excitement to your holiday. Our ranches are easy to find and have massive tracts of land offering some of the best Florida hog hunting and fair chase opportunities you will find. We have ranches just south of Tampa, other ranches are near Naples and still others around Ft. Meyers. Whether you’re coming with friends or family we can accommodate you and your hunting party regardless of size. When you choose us for hog hunting in Florida you can bring your weapon or use ours – doesn’t matter. We look forward to showing you the hunt of a lifetime.

big florida boar and hunter

Florida Hog Hunts

Hunting dangerous game like wild boar in South Florida is unlike most hunting experiences in North America.  The sense of adventure and accomplishment from bagging a dangerous trophy hog will have you riding high on cloud nine for weeks to come.  Make your reservations now for the hunt of a lifetime.

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Cast & Blast

Combine any of our hunting and fishing packages to enhance your Florida Vacation.  When you do you will receive a generous discount, adding to your time in Florida making it your best vacation ever.  Come see what all the fuss is about-book your dream vacation now!

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Florida Alligator Hunting

Our wildly popular-All Wild South Florida Alligator Hunt has been a favorite of hunters for years.  With 100% success rate it’s easy to see why.  You can hunt Americas top predator 365 days a year with a broad range of weapons so you can say “I did it my way” These are all natural all wild gator hunts located on massive tracts of wetlands and swamps.

saltwater fishing

Saltwater Fishing

Get your sea legs ready for an absolute fishing adventure that you will brag about for years to come.  We have some of the best Captains in the industry just waiting to show you a fishing trip of a lifetime.  Depart from one of many ports in the Gulf Of Mexico-whether your fishing for Tarpon, Shark, Snook, Trout, Redfish, Grouper, or Snapper.  Our captains will show you opportunity after opportunity giving you lasting memories.  Licenses included.

Alligator Alley Outfitters
At a Glance

What separates our guided Florida Hog Hunting trips from the other outfitters? That’s easy. Here are just a few of the reasons why we have been the #1 Hog Hunting Outfitter in Southwest Florida for years.
✅ All natural wild hogs are 245.00 each.
✅ We hunt year ‘round-we are here for you.
✅ No Hunting License Required for most hunts.
✅ Weapon of Choice – Use your favorite Knife, Spear, Bow, Shotgun, or Rifle. Didn’t bring one? We have you covered.

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✅ No hidden fees.
✅ We can accommodate your hunting party regardless of size. Bring your friends, family, and co-workers. We will be ready.
✅ Our locations are conveniently located and easily accessible from: Tampa, Orlando, Miami, Sarasota, Fort Meyers, and Naples.

At Alligator Alley Outfitters we know you’re taking time out of your day to experience the best Florida has to offer. We take your commitment seriously and back that commitment by showing you–The Hunt of a Lifetime! A hunt that will be etched into your memory for many years to come.

Why Hunt With Us?

We think the answer to that is easy-it’s our guides. Your guide can be the difference between a good hunt and a great hunt. A hunt that will be burned into your memory that lasts a lifetime, instead of one you would just as soon forget. Our guides have the experience and dedication to give you shot opportunity after shot opportunity. Our professional guides not only put you on wild game but have the experience to track and retrieve your animal once you make your shot.
❎ All Wild 100% Fair Chase Florida Hog Hunting.

❎ Dog Over Hog Hunts
–a hunter favorite. Chase after the dogs as they close the gap on their quarry. Your heart will be pumping wildly as you witness the catch dog clamp down halting that wild boar hog in his tracks, quickly feeling why this is a hunter favorite.
❎ House Blind Hunts
— be slightly elevated and tucked away as you wait for an opportunity to bag your trophy boar hog.
❎ Ladder Stand Hunts
— Hunt from an elevated tactical advantage giving you an edge over your target.
❎ Spot & Stalk Hunts
— Move swift, silent and deadly as you look for shot opportunity on feeding groups of wild hogs. Led by our professional guides. Assuring your safety and shot opportunity.
❎ Waterfront Lodging
Let us help you with your holiday lodging options by securing a discount in our recommended Newly Remodeled Waterfront Luxury Hotel.
❎ Our locations
conveniently located and easily accessible from: Tampa, Orlando, Miami, Sarasota, Fort Meyers, and Naples. Fly in or drive in your choice. We can even arrange to pick you up at the airport and drop you off when your holiday is over.

South Florida Hog Hunting

$245 Special Pricing

A real story by a real hunter-in his own words: How I Brought Home The Bacon by Chris Fielder.

unnamed (48)

I could not wait to get into the woods. I’ve been thinking about coming down to Alligator Alley for some Florida hog hunting for a few months now and I’ve been told by some of the best hunters I know that the action never stops down here. My guide Andy combs through the land like he has been back there a million times. He is pointing out sign of fresh, large, wild game as we travel through the saw palmettos and fields.

Andy stops. He looks at me and points into the fog. I see what has his attention, there is a group of big hogs going on about their business….

We moved into position, I leveled my weapon, picked my spot-slowly exhaling, then squeezing the trigger ever so slowly, the rifle surprised me, letting out a healthy bark, finding its mark, leaving a crimson trail that my guide quickly picked up on taking us to what can only be described as a climax to a very exhilarating stalk and hunt adventure.  Then my guide Andy field dressed and loaded this hog in record time.  Definitely earning his tip on a job well done!  The next day a new adventure started bright and early as I met Captain Tom for some saltwater fishing.  I hooked into a tarpon for the first time in my life! That fish put up a fight I will never forget and I will surely be booking another trip with this outfitter.  Catching fish like that on the beautiful Inter-Coastal waterway of Southwest Florida was a great way to top off a Real South Florida Hog Hunting Adventure.

What a great trip. Thanks guys Sincerely, Chris Fielder

Thanks Chris! We love hearing reviews from our customers because it reminds us why we got into this business.

Chris has been fortunate to hunt some great locations in Southern Florida.  His experience in the bush has made him a believer of just what it is that makes Alligator Alley Outfitters a premier destination for hunting and fishing adventures that last a lifetime.

Chris’s story is not unique, most of our hunters find us by word of mouth.  Usually listening to others adventures and wanting one of their own –We Get It. That’s why we’ll go the extra mile to make sure you get what you came for!  No matter if it’s a Dog Over Hog Hunt, Tree Stand Hunt, House Blind Hunt, or Spot and Stalk Hunt we have you covered.

Don’t have a weapon no problem we have you covered! From alligator hunts to trophy hog hunts to Osceola turkey-We have you covered.  Give us a call now and reserve your hunting trip of a lifetime.


Styles of Hunts for Every Hunter

Whether you are an expert in the bush or an alligator amateur – we have a hunting style that is perfect for your next adventure.
❎ Hog Hunting Over Dogs Only $365.00 With the adrenaline high and our dogs on the chase, you’ll learn why our dog hunts are a classic favorite.
❎ Tree Stand Hog Hunt Only $245.00 Fall Special  No trophy fees, no surprises!
❎ Spot and Stalk Hog Hunts Only $245.00 Take a guided adventure through the Jungle, Oak Forest, Cypress Swamps and Everglades on your hunt for Wild Florida Hogs.
❎ Cast & Blast –  Our most popular hunt for the opportunity of a trophy Florida boar hog and a trophy Florida alligator. (We also have tons of succulent meat hogs available)
❎ NO HIDDEN FEES!!! We lay it all on the line from the beginning. You will see exactly what you are paying for when you choose Alligator Alley Outfitters.
 Respected in the Industry Our hunters consist of everyone from Florida hog hunting professionals on Television to regular Joes – and every one in between. We have been featured numerous times on the Outdoor Channel, Sportsman Channel, A&E and Discovery Channel and we are currently filming a special for National Geographic.

“We had a great time at Alligator Alley Outfitters. The guys were great and really made us feel at home. We even stayed at their free camp grounds and were able to save enough cash to hunt an alligator the next day”

Evan D ★★★★★

“Thanks for my first Florida hog hunting experience. Had a hunt of a life time down there in Florida with you guys. I’ll be bringing the boys down again, looking forward to it”

Spencer W  ★★★★★

“I may be a bad shot with a rifle, but I sure had fun! Ha! The guys put me on a great opportunity (OK, maybe 3 opportunities) and although I missed my shots I had a heck of a time out there in the Glades.”

Kristen from Alabama ★★★★★

“I’ve been hunting gators since I was a kid, but I was impressed with how good the guides were at Alligator Alley. I’m glad y’all did all of the hard work… it sure made our time that much better. My kids loved it”

Justin “Gator Man”  ★★★★★